Our Mission

A prosperous community market that we own together;
To buy and sell local grown food and products;
To support Waimānalo businesses and increase self-sufficiency, health, social and economic well-being community-wide.


Pono, Kupono
Fairness and Honesty
Launa ‘ōlelo kākou
Flowing Communication
Live in balance, in harmony with each other and all that is around us
Hiki nō kākou
Together We Can!

Our Story

Mel’s Market, the home of the Waimanalo Market Co-op (WMC), was an iconic neighborhood food market that closed in 2011 after serving the community for over five decades. It was purchased in July 2013 by two Waimanalo resident couples who pooled their values and retirement savings together to provide an opportunity for a “commercial entity to maintain the unique character of Waimanalo, not corporatize it”. The WMC opened its doors (four days a week) in November of 2013 with no electricity, coolers with ice to store the fresh produce,  and a team of dedicated volunteers to run the operation.  We have built the operation to its present stage where we engage 82 local farmers/backyard growers and value added producers with 70 community artists and crafters. Everything in the store is locally grown or made with 80 percent of our farmers from the Waimānalo community. The WMC has a ten year lease, initiated in August, 2014.