Why be a Co-op Owner?
Together, we own a market in Waimānalo, where we can buy local fresh vegetables, fruits and products supporting our local farmers, artists and businesses. Healthy choices where we live.
Individually, we may not be able to afford to own, open and operate a Waimānalo food market to buy and sell local grown health foods and local products.
Together, our community, friends and family have the opportunity to combine our money and time to meet a common need. HOW? We pool our resources by paying member-owner dues and volunteering some time.
Vision: Waimānalo mauka to makai, is economically and socially self-sustaining and prospers together.
What is co-operative Ownership?: Owning something cooperatively means a group of people combine some of their money and time to meet a common need, and each becomes a member-owner. The business is run democratically, and a board is elected from among member-owners. In this way, member-owners determine the use of their resources, and steer the direction of their cooperative business.

Member Owner Benefits: 10% discount, E-copy/hard-copy of 96795 News, opportunity to share in market ownership so we have a place in Waimānalo to support local farmers, artists and businesses, and buy locally produced vegetables, fruits, herbs and products. Participate in making Co-op decisions by running for Co-op Board of Directors, voting in elections and attending annual member-owner meetings. Most important, together our money and time supports Waimānalo’s health, social and economic well-being, while keeping Waimānalo, Waimānalo. 10% discount on Co-op groceries (not on consignment items, farmers market vendor sales, alcohol or fish market.)

How Can You Get Involved?
– Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteers are needed as soon as possible
for 2-3 hours a week: data entry, cashiering, beautification, customer service,
produce management, opening, closing, plus more.
Call (808) 690-7607 for more information.
– Shop at the Co-op each week, and spread the word to family, friends and co-workers.
– Continue to bring in grocery bags or bring your own reusable bag.
– Donate produce from your garden and yard for the Co-op to sell.
– Schedule a time to share music or a Waimanalo story or photo at the Co-op.
– Rent a farmers’ Market table at the Co-op to sell produce and value-added products.
– The Board established three standing committees: (Business, Members, Marketing) and
would welcome input and participation from knowledgeable and experienced members in
these fields. Please feel free to attend one or all of our monthly Board meetings which are held at the Co-op.
– Write letters of support to senators and representatives: for our State Grant-in Aid.